Variant Ranker: Single sample VCF/List of Variants

Performs ranking and annotation of variants in genomic datasets, integrating information from multiple sources to prioritize each variant by its deleteriousness, novelty and existing information. Please see our CaseControl module for multi-sample/genotype pre-filtering.

Filtering: Multi-sample VCF/Case-Control Filtering

Filter for variants between Cases/Controls to obtain a list of variants that can be ranked using Variant Ranker.

Filtering: Result Explorer

This tool can be used to filter/query Variant Ranker results using basic query (initial box) or advanced query box using MySQL commands. Users can apply different models of inheritance and filter for functionally important variants.

Network Analyser

The Network Analyser is a tool to visualize the overlapping biological connections for a list of relevant genes. It utilises the output from the database for annotation, visualization and integrated discovery (DAVID, Top ranked genes from Variant Ranker can also be input here for further downstream analysis.


This tool is used to convert a variant list chromosome locations (rs ids) into a gene list.